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Unlike many alien superheroes, who either come to Earth accidentally, get assigned to the planet as law enforcement agents, or come as part of an invading force and generally reside on the planet as technically illegal immigrants, Grey moved to Earth completely legally and of his own free will. When he was a young boy, his parents came to the planet as part of a diplomatic envoy, with him tagging along, and he fell in love with the general mishmash of food and culture of New York (Or Paragon City, or Titan City, depending on the universe), and as an adult moved there permanently, eventually becoming a naturalized citizen.

Currently, he operates as the owner of a comic shop in Brooklyn, and also as a legally licensed superhero, with the power of superhuman leaping ability and wielding a pair of pulse pistols usually set on stun obtained on his home planet.

Not currently a member of a team, but is close friends with and regularly teams up with Alex LaChance [personal profile] to_endure: codename Durandal.
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"You sure you wanna do this son? I mean, I know you've talked about being out in public for a while now, but going to a crowded stadium is kind of a big step." David asked, eyes filled with worry for his son.

"Dad, you've asked me that like 15 times in the past 10 minutes. As far as I can tell this thing" Grey said, referring to the techno-organic suit that was now effectively his permanent exterior appearance, "isn't coming off any time soon, short of expensive and painful surgery. I know you can afford it, but I figure I'm just better off learning to deal, alright? I can't hide out in our apartment for the rest of my life."

"You're definitely sure?"

Grey sighed exasperatedly "Even if I wasn't, we're already here. Little too late to change my mind now anyways, isn't it?"

The pair made their way inside, heading towards their seats. Just as they hit the doorway leading to them, Grey spotted something.

"...please tell me you see the purple and green guy on the field too."


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